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Invalid ROWID in Oracle APEX

Today I came across this issue, when I was trying to save the changes to data in the form it gave me the error “invalid ROWID”. I could quickly realize what is going on here as I had recently created a new set of tables  and copied all data from old tables. I did make… Read More »

Oracle APEX Reporting options

I am currently learning APEX the new (or not-new)development tool from Oracle. By now I know how to create basic forms and simple reports etc. To make the learning better I started developing a software for school management. With Oracle XE and APEX together you can develop a software that will be completely free of… Read More »

Finding Details of Oracle Errors.

Finding Details of Oracle Errors. Download When we get any oracle error and we want to know more details about it we have to search through oracle documentation. That is time consuming most of the times. Here is an attempt to make that task simple. I have created a Excel file with a database of… Read More »

Generate Excel workbook with multiple worksheets from PL/SQL

Generate Excel workbook with multiple worksheets from PL/SQL Version 0.62 I am in apps environment and so assumed the presence of fnd_file package. I am uploading a version for non-apps environment. Please find the code Non-apps_gen_xl_xml_package. The Apps version is here Please do leave your comments or suggestions here or you may mail me at… Read More »

Create Excel Workbook by PL/SQL

Create Excel Workbook by PL/SQL Further to my previous post.. I have uploaded the actual package code here Compile the code on 9i or above and it should compile w/o error. Package Name : gen_xl_xml Version : 0.62 You can download samples for demo of how to create a simple and multi-sheet workbook from here… Read More »

VIM and PL/SQL Programming

VIM and PL/SQL Programming I have been using VIM since last 5 years for doing most of my PL/SQL programming tasks and over this period I found some tweaks /scripts that will help me speed up my work and do it effectively. Before I could go ahead I must thank VIM and the great mailing… Read More »